Disadvantages of Doing Business Online

Although online business is still in its early stage, the prospect of being the leader in the business world is apparent as shown in some sectors of marketing where lots of millionaires are coming from Internet marketing. And this is manifested by the coming out of young online entrepreneurs from 18 to 25 years old who are raking million dollars a month not a year.

However, the drawback is more than the advantages in this new online venture. Though some are raking millions in online business, others are suffering from no income.

Personally, I’m one of these millions of Internet hopefuls who want to share the pie what the successful online millionaires are now raking. I’ve started my online business since 2009, but until now I’ve not earned a single cent yet.

What is the problem why majority are not lucky to hit the mark?

The followings are the roadblocks of my failure. I consider these lists as the disadvantages in online business.

1. Expenses. Before you can engage your online business, you’ve to spend the following; monthly Internet connection of Ph1000, web design Ph3000 one time payment, webhosting and domain name Ph 3500 per year. These expenses are only the initial cost and you go further, you’ll spend on eBook cover for your books and articles.

2. Computer literacy. No matter what other says that a computer illiterate can do business online, they’re not telling you the truth. I’m lucky because I know how to operate my computer, but still I lack some technical capabilities to handle the day-to-day operations. Although there are lots of computer technicians who can handle these problems, but you’ve to spend again for their services.

3. Internet connectivity. If you’re living in a remote county with no service providers, you’re in a lot of trouble going to the nearest Internet connection just to be connected to reach your clients. I’m fortunate because our town has one service provider for connectivity where I can access easily with my subscribers. Though my service provider has always encounters some downtimes, but still it serves the purpose.

4. Security of Information. The Internet can easily be infected with some viruses if you’ll not use some anti-virus software. I was once a victim of my website being hacked for around 2 days. I could not operate my computer because of this problem. I’ve hired a technician to fixed the problem, and again I spent for the service. An additional expenditures in my part. So, for security reason, you’ve to know the ins and outs of online business in terms of securing your data.

5. Copyright problems. It’s easy to get information online. There are lots of free materials you can access of any kind and forms. If you’re not careful with your work, you’ll end up your work is being copied by others who took advantage to claim what’s not there own. It’s hard to claim that your work is truly your own, because others might claim it. Though you’ll place in it your copyright ownership, there are some who would try to make some ways to claim it there own work.

There are lots of disadvantages you can get from online business, these lists I’ve included are only partial and you’ll be more than ready to discover some more which you think are roadblocks to your search for Internet business by looking at the wider scope which one is more advantageous or disadvantageous.

If you think more pros favors you than cons, then it’s your decision to follow your dreams.

The guides above could give you the road map which way to venture along.